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Pie Enamel Pin


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  • Image of Pie Enamel Pin
  • Image of Pie Enamel Pin

The Pie of Opportunity, now in enamel form! Made of high-quality hard enamel (polished with a shiny, flat surface), with black metal line work.

Measures 1 in x .5 in (2.5 cm x 1.25 cm).

The Pie of Opportunity is one of the Bizarro Secret Symbols. Bizarro legend tells us that opportunity is like a piece of pie underfoot. We must watch for it, for if we do not see it we may step in it and get sticky fruit and crust between our toes. If we search for it wisely, however, open to the possibility that it may be hiding anywhere, we may enjoy the delicious sweetness. But we must not jump hastily at found pie; what at first looks like a scrumptious dessert on the floor may actually be something the cat found coughed up. Remind yourself to be open to opportunity with the Pie on your lapel.

Grab all our enamel pins in a set, if you can't decide on just one.

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Bizarro is a syndicated cartoon by Dan Piraro. Check out Bizarro.com for lots of hilarious comics and a dash of political commentary on his blog.